Choosing a front door: 3 factors to consider

couple entering their house by their door window

Publié le : 2022/06/20


Modifié le : 2022/08/09

Choosing a front door: 3 factors to consider

The front door is the most frequently handled element in a home. It is an important element of everyday life and plays a major role in first impressions.

When it comes to choosing a front door, there are several things to consider when shopping around. This includes the lifespan of the materials used, the strength, the sealing, and energy efficiency. Your front door therefore has many roles to play. Not only is it an important decorative element, but it also protects your home from inclement weather and is a major determinant of your home’s level of energy efficiency. Here are some important things to remember when choosing a door.

1. Construction and sealing

First, the quality of the products used in its construction makes all the difference. It is crucial that the door be strong and that it retains its efficiency over time, both in terms of safety and energy expenditure. For example, if you choose a solid door instead of a glass door, it will be more insulating but will not allow in any light. It is important to get good advice before making your choice.

2. Design

Of course, you have to choose your door according to the style of your home and also take into account your personal tastes. You can choose the colour, window opacity, and add all sorts of accessories if you so desire. When you visit our showroom at BG Doors and Windows, you can choose from our wide selection of models or let us create a tailor-made design.

3. Configuration

Last but not least, you must carefully consider your door’s configuration. First, you need to determine the factors that are important to you in terms of security, privacy, and brightness. The type of lock, hardware, and glass size will all have an impact on your home’s level of security. For example, if you prefer to have privacy before opening the door to visitors, you should choose frosted glass. Conversely, you should choose a door with glass that is less opaque to let more light in.

Your front door is the first thing people notice about your house, so don’t pass up the opportunity to make a good first impression! Choose quality materials, the best design, and the right configuration for your door, and we’ll give you the results you’re expecting! Our specialists are here to give you advice on making the best choice and to help you with all of your door and window projects.