5 Trends in Window Treatments for 2022

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Publié le : 2022/06/20


Modifié le : 2022/08/08

When a new year begins, it usually comes with its lot of resolutions to make changes in our lives, even in our surroundings. It is a great time to start renovating your home or restructuring some rooms.

To do this, there are many things to consider when you want to create a warm and harmonious decor. As you might have guessed, window treatments are part of it and could make all the difference in your decor. Here are some of 2022’s biggest trends in window treatments.

5 window treatment trends to follow in 2022

1. Roman blinds and roller shades

If you want a minimalist, streamlined look, Roman blinds and roller shades are a good choice. This style can work in all types of decors, but especially in modern interiors, in a hi-tech environment, or to complement a retro look. Roman blinds are also a good choice when it comes to practicality.

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2. Floor-length curtains

Floor-length curtains are still on trend in 2022. They are a popular choice when you want to give a room a sense of grandeur, no matter the window size.

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3. Motorized roller shutters

Who has never wanted to be able to adjust the natural light in a room without having to step foot out of bed? With motorized roller shutters, you can. There are now many options on the market. In addition to roller shutters, you can also choose between vertical or horizontal options.

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4. Colours: Neutral and natural tones

In 2022, the incorporation of natural elements will still be a popular decor trend. Think of neutral colours that bring to mind simplicity and nature. For example, you can opt for neutral tones such as beige or off-white to soften the decor of the room. When we talk about natural hues, we refer in particular to colours such as green, blue, or even brown.

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5. Fabrics and prints

Similarly, you can choose fashionable fabrics like cotton or linen to dress your windows. Velvet will still be a popular choice this year or even other dense fabrics, depending on the desired effect. For the boldest among us, give atypical floral prints a try in 2022. For the more conservative, sheer curtains to accompany classic styles are always in vogue.

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After all, windows treatments are essential to creating a balanced and harmonious decor. Whatever the look you want to give to a room, you will find the perfect window treatment for a magazine-worthy result! Now is the time to awaken the designer in you!