3 Signs that It’s Time for New Windows

woman drinking her coffee while looking through her window



Windows are a major feature of any home, both for the way they look and their utility. Good window design is important, and ensuring that your windows are in excellent condition is even more important.

Generally, windows have a life span of approximately 20 years, but when they are damaged, they quickly become less efficient. There are many reasons to change your windows, but the most frequent are because of their general condition, their seal, the energy savings they provide, or simply for aesthetics.

Three signs that it’s time to change your windows

If you can feel air coming through your windows, it is a very good indicator that the time has come to consider installing new windows. If you’re not sure, you can always do a candle test: simply light a candle in front of your window, and if the flame moves, it is a sign that there is some air infiltration. However, there are other signs that you should also pay attention to that greatly reduce the effectiveness of your windows.

1.   The windows are no longer waterproof

Of course, one of the most important characteristics of a good window is that it is watertight and does not let any air through. While windows can be used to create air flow in your home, they must above all protect your home from inclement weather and outdoor temperatures. If your windows are cold or frozen or you feel a stream of air passing through, it is a sign that you should call on our services. Moreover, by having high-quality, airtight windows, you will see significant savings on your electricity bill as well as superior comfort.

2.   The frames are breaking down

Another sign that you need to change your windows is the condition of the window frames. If your home is not a recent build and your window frames are made of wood, it is likely that they have become damaged over time. Specifically, the wood may start to decompose over time. Water entry is also the biggest enemy for wooden window frames, putting them at risk of developing mould or changing shape.

This is why, at BG Doors and Windows, we generally opt for quality PVC window frames for new constructions or when changing your windows.

3.   The hardware is worn

If you’re having trouble opening or closing your windows, it is another sure-fire sign that your windows should be replaced. In this case, your windows, and mainly the hardware, have suffered from normal wear and tear over time. To counter the effects of aging, at BG Doors and Windows, we use high-quality stainless-steel hardware with excellent durability.

All things considered, if you notice one or more of these telltale signs, it is time to change your windows. To ensure you get the best windows for your home, you can trust our quality products and qualified installers to optimize your home’s comfort.